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Myth and Moon is sent in alignment with solar-lunar cycles and seasonal holy days, a source of inspiration and community exploring ancestral animism, folklore, embodied practice tutorials, myths, recipes + rituals, events + offerings.

All Myth and Moon subscribers receive:

*an invitation to the private, members-only Wild Soul School Community

*the downloadable Ancestral Connection Workbook

​Contents of past Myth and Moon Letters include:

​*links to healing myths and private storytelling events

*rites of passage support and life transition resources

*ancestral folklore and ceremonial guidance for the season

*handmade sacred art and interactive tools for transformation

*interviews and podcasts with other web weavers

More than this, Myth and Moon is a thread of support for community creation, rites of passage initiations and personal gnosis practice.

We gather in rhythm with the myths of our ancestors and the waxing-waning ever cyclic moon.

Connective Magic

I am no longer on social media. The best way to stay connected with offerings, inspiration and communion is Myth and Moon. This is also the best place to comment, engage in discussion, pose questions and receive response, and connect with other like-minded folks in the wild woods of spiritual sovereignty.

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Be a part of our community honoring sacred art, myth, ritual and story. Join a circle invested in ancestral reconnection and healing as reclaiming. In addition to seasonal, cyclic missives, Myth and Moon subscribers all receive an invitation to the private Wild Soul School community.

We are singing the weaving song of reconnection.

Gather at the fire with other kindreds on the path.

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Ritual, healing and the art of story.


Lara Vesta
I'm an author and artist working at the intersection of image and story. My interests include ancestral spirituality, folk traditions, ritual, healing and the sacred creative.