Seasonal inspiration, new sacred art and planting intentions.

December 2022

Rituals, songs, meditations and inquiry for deepening meaning in solstice season.

October 2022

Ancestral reverence and rituals for the darkening days.

September 2022

Finding balance amid extremity, crafting a cyclic life from ancestral rhythms.

August 2022

Cultivating spiritual sovereignty in a secular world is about relationship, to the earth, to each other, a process of practice and trust.
A *Free* Ritual Practice to Clear Energy, Deepen Connection and Increase Self-Love

July 2022

The new home of Myth & Moon, visions for community creation, meditation for self-love, ancestral embodiment, the summer flower bath challenge, seasonal…
What to call this spirit filled life?
what we once knew...

May 2022

She remembered great battle, the first in the world

March 2022

The Nine Herbs Charm/Nigon Wyrta Galdor speaks to plants as personified beings, sings them in and requests their support for healing. This…
One of my personal blessings is “By this and every effort may the balance be regained.”